Wines & Olive Oil

After the harvesting, the grapes are fermented and vinified at the Cantina Bronzo estate in Caprino Veronese, where Michele and Manuele follow the various transformation processes, as the withering of the grapes, the aging in Barrique, the vinification.

The annual production is about 700-1.000 hectoliters of wine. At the Cantina Bronzo shop you can find both cask and bottled wine.

Bottled wines:
• Angelo, Bianco Veneto I.G.T. (Typical Geopraphic Indication), it is a fruity white table wine produced of grapes Müller Thurgau and Pinot Grigio, 13°, vintage 2012
• Rico, is a red table wine, produced of grapes Merlot, Corvina and Barbera, 12°, vintage 2012
• Cauro, Rosso Veronese I.G.T., produced of a selection of grapes, withered on natural wooden grids for 100 days, 14°, vintage 2007
• Passito di Garganega, it is a sweet wine obtained from withered Garganega grapes, 13°, vintage 2012

Cask wines: Bardolino Chiaretto DOC, Rico, Cauro