Quality, environment & health

“High quality wines, respecting the environment” this is the motto at Cantina Bronzo. The bond between the wine-maker and his land, his respect and care for his vines and the surrounding environment, his pride in offering an healthy product and clean environment to his guests; these are the reasons why the Bronzo family is committed to follow the principles of biological agriculture and production. Small things that make the difference, both for our Mother Earth and for the Bronzo wines!

Specific treatments are done during the vineyard’s first 3 years, avoiding water waste and increasing plant hydration, and, in the long run, plant hydric autonomy. The “grass cover” technique, combined with cultivation in palissage, increase the grape quality: the vine vigor diminishes and maturation is more complete and uniform. No herbicides are used and the vineyards sustainability related to the soil conservation is granted. Cantina Bronzo protects its vines following the biological agriculture recommendations, which forbid some chemical treatments, considered more dangerous than the insect itself!

Our wines contain a minimum quantity of sulfites. Sulfites are a substance that is produced naturally from alcoholic fermentation; however, they are generally artificially added as preservatives. While Italian law accepts about 150-250 mg/l of sulfites, Bronzo’s wines contain between 10 and 20 mg/l, just a bit over the quantity naturally produced by fermentation (10 mg/l). Here is the proof: you never have headache after drinking our wines!

The Cantina Bronzo estate is powered by renewable energy sources and complies with the energy efficiency standards.