While approaching Cantina Bronzo, you cannot choose where to focus your attention: whether on the vast vineyards, or on the background mountains, or on the winery courtyard… As a matter of fact, once arrived, you will never stand without a glass of good wine in your hand, served in that friendly way which is reserved to the guests of Cantina Bronzo.

If you ask it to Michele, he will gladly tell you the story of that wine. When grandpa Giuseppe in the ‘900, just returned from the States, invested all his savings in the Quadrifoglio ranch, planting the first vine trees and starting to supply the old taverns of Caprino Veronese. When then his father Francesco, with the support of the sons, developed the agriculture and farming activity acquiring the nearby counties of Bogonza and Gramegnosa. When finally himself, Michele, after having started the agro-tourism activity, realized the dream of his life creating Cantina Bronzo, nowadays managed together with his wife Elisabetta, his brother Marino and his son Manuele.

And the rural charm of this place, just a stone’s throw from Garda Lake and at the footsteps of the Alps, can be tasted it in the intense flavor of the wine.